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Animal Nutrition Technologies - Supports

Along with the BioNutritional Supports that are specifically made for your pet, ANT has developed a line of supplements (Supports)  that any pet can take.  Alamo Heights Pet Clinic is the only clinic in San Antonio that is a distributor of the ANT Supports.  Here are a list of all of the supports that are available.

Adrenal Support - Supplies the repair factors required for proper and optimal function of the adrenal glands.  It also helps to regulate sodium - potassium balanced and supplies nutrients, amino acids and minerals required by hyperr and hypo-functioning adrenal glands.

Brain/Nerve Support  -  Provides growth and repair nutrients for the brain and nervous system.  It supplies magnesium and zinc as well as lecithin, which is required for insulation of nerves.  I also has a calming and quitting effect on the nervous system.

Bronchus Lung Support - Provides repair nutrients and A D & E along with amino acids.  It supports oxygen and carbon dioxide and has a relaxing effect on the bronchus.

Cardiac Support - Supplies the amino acids taurine and carnitine, vitamin E and antioxidants required for optimum cardiac output.  In addition, it helps regenerate and strengthen heart muscles while maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels.

Cartilage Ligament Support - Supplies glycosaminoglycans along with vitamins C, E, & A plus minerals manganese and magnesium.  I helps regenerate connective tissue, cartilage and tendons while reducing inflammation at the cellular level.  It supports production of synovial fluid and helps maintain elasticity and reduce inflammation and pain.

 Immune/Cancer Support - Offers supportive and regenerative effects on the glands and cells of the humeral and cellular immune system.  The formula provides nutrients required by the body for the maintenance of homeostasis.  In addition, it has a tissue-sparing effect in autoimmune conditions and supports the normal pattern of cell division.

Intestinal IBD Support - This support has an antacid effect on the GI tract.  It supplies the amino acid L-glutamine that supports intestinal health.  The formula protects the mucosa from inflammation and ulceration and is helpful in chronic conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Liver/Gall Bladder Support - This support supplies vitamins, minerals and amino acids that support metabolic detoxification and cellular regeneration.  It nutritionally supports under functioning and inflamed liver cells.  It also replenishes the vitamins and minerals required for the proper functioning of the reticulo-endothelial system. 

Skin Support - Supplies vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acids that support new cell growth and metabolic functioning of the skin.  It helps to regulate moisture and circulation and reduces inflammation.  It also helps promote detoxification and elimination of metabolic wastes through the skin.

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